Built by Pandiva Media, Marobscom offers maritime strategic content with a special touch that is familiar and close. Whoever you are, as long as you are dedicated to a better maritime life, will certainly be one of us.

Energizing the atmosphere of Yogyakarta, we are here to prioritize attention to the sea, especially for the Government of Indonesia, and for sure, international citizens. The role of each country to contribute to each other in this sector will answer a variety of asymmetries.

We then process the strategic content with creative hands towards book publishing, so that it is well documented and can be enjoyed by the public personally and systematically. We are a group with Pandiva Buku.

In the end, the collaboration that we hoped for. By doing so, we are determined to cure the world from greed, by optimizing the maritime sector. Warm greetings always.

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Agus Salim

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Aziz Abdillah

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Hanang Widiandhika

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